Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Alright I admit it, I meant to leave on my ride up to Lowell about an hour earlier but I got involved in playing some board games and I ended up leaving at 6:30pm from Davis Sq. In this video is a simple tip if you happen to not have a front light for your bike, but get caught by the darkness that comes at night. Because I was trying to beat the setting of the sun my average speed is now 15.4 miles/hr which is sweet because riding up to northern MA is quite a hilly right. Enjoy me biking at night without a light.

I have added the miles that I have done between the last time I posted on this page, but I don't know how much time it took me so I am leaving that blank.

BIKE TRACKS: The creepy sounds of the Lowell cemetery.



Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello all,
It has been way to long since I last wrote anything but I am here to say that I am back from my summer adventures in movie land and have stories to tell and video to show. I have done a moderate amount of biking (I can always do more).

To let you into what has happened in my life and what caused me to disappear for so long, I now have two feature length films under my belt. In June when I got back from Hawaii I did the best buddies ride (of which I have video to show you, I am currently editing that) then that next day I went strait into pre-production for IRONSIDES which was filmed on Cape Cod and in the North shore. Then while filming that film I worked with one of my new best friends Jim Cummings who filmed IRONSIDES and was going to create his own film NO FLOODWALL HERE. He asked me if I wanted to come down to New Orleans and be the assistant director on his film. after thinking about it and how it would affect my bike ride (which is now pushed to next year) I decided that right now in my life the experience of making another feature film would benefit me greatly (which it has).

So will I disappear on you again? NO I have developed a new sense of self and capability and my bike ride is one of my priorities. I will continue to be doing other things but I have many stories to tell that I want all of you (my friends, family, and readers) to know.

What you should be expecting this next couple of weeks is LOTs of video from Hawaii and cape cod and New Orleans. I have also started biking again in Brookline which is my new place of residence once again.

Thank you all for still reading and I cant wait to have you apart of my adventures again.