Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have traveled from north Virginia (DC area) to southern Virginia (Clarksville) and I have to say that this has been an amazing state. Everybody should visit at least once. I am about to leave the state and I am kind of sad. but there will be more adventures and more people to meet and talk to and I am excited to meet them.
CORRECTION: in the video I say that the Plantation had slave writings. well that is not true but there is a great guy there who wrote his thesis on the perspective of the plantation from the slaves. He doesn't know why there is a web page had that info on it. The Plantation is still worth seeing and there are so many more things to learn about it.

BIKE TRACKS: The Wind that is blowing instead of a storm that was supposed to be coming

TODAY'S MILES: 5.8 miles
TODAY'S TIME: .5 hrs

TOTAL TRIP: 21 of 90 Days

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Being Creative and Making Sacrifices to Get to Do What You Want

This is my favorite photo so far (sunset over the Hudson)

These last several days have been eye opening. I have talked to many people, from Portland, PA residents (beautiful little town by the way), to a Devotion in Motion instructor in Delta, PA. to some Tea Party members in Washington D.C. Each person was willing to let me ask questions about their beliefs without hesitation and without rejection. I have slept at friends houses, friend's relative's houses, campgrounds and the backyards of churches. I know that I have allot more to go and will be experiencing a wide range of rejection and acceptance but so far the people of this country have been very open to me and my travels. I do of course get the shocked look each time I tell them that in three months I will be in San Diego, CA but that usually wears off to a genuine well wishing.

One question that I have been getting allot that I was not expecting was "you must have worked really hard to be able to finance this trip haven't you?" It must be a sign of the times I guess. (and yes I did work very hard to be able to figure out the financial side of this trip and am still figuring it out as I go*thanks to all that have contributed so far*)

I guess I didn't think that that would be one of the first question that would cross peoples minds, I figured it would be more focused on "how crazy are you?" (I would say, medium crazy) or " does it hurt to ride on such a small seat? (yes, some times it does) but finance is on peoples mind. I found that the closer I got to D.C. the more people were concerned about finances.

I do feel very honored that I can do this trip I was not expecting to be able to do the trip at the scale that it is. I feel that because I am fortunate enough to do this I have more of a responsibility to incorporate as many people as I can. That is why I have the website for you to post your own stories so you can contribute to the documentary. If you don't want to create a video send me an email about how you came to live where you live or any story that you feel you need to let out. I want to see, read, learn your stories as I am trying to figure out my own. And always keep following me on twitter.

For all the people that are worried about the financial side of their own bike tour or doing something that you are passionate about, it is of course a legitimate concern but what I have found is that if you really want to do it, there are avenues to get what you need (don't steel). You will have to sacrifice many things that you would usually want or do but it can happen. I was always told by my mother that I need to dream about what I want first THAN I can figure out how to get it. Once you know what you want clearly than you can be open to seeing the possibilities around you. Be creative, because its out there.


TODAY'S MILES: 54.66 miles
TODAY'S TIME: 5.04 hrs

TOTAL TRIP MILES: 646.2 miles
TOTAL TRIP: 11 of 90 Days

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thought and the Basic Needs

I sit now in the northwest of New Jersey on the edge of a motel bed trying to collect my thoughts about the last week and the adventures that I have had. I have biked almost 400 miles in the last week through 4 states, left my phone 45 miles away and had to go back to get it, biked through Manhattan at sunset, and said goodbye to the east coast for the next 3 months. Those are just a few of my adventures. I have thrown myself into the touring abyss and have been floating by, learning day by day what to do and how to survive. I think that the biggest thing that I have learned so far is that paying attention to my body is an extremely important thing.
I am struggling a bit with getting into a regular sleeping pattern but I am starting to eat in a more regulated fashion, Large breakfast, medium lunch, then a big dinner (lots of nuts and granola in between). I feel as though I am relearning how to live. Its scary but fun. figuring out the basics of life and how to get them.

So sitting here I feel a bit foggy about what I need, I feel as though I am still in the learning phase so I have yet to fully organize my thoughts but I plan to continue to listen to my body and learn.

BIKE TRACKS: the Highways of New Jersey

TODAY'S MILES: 60 miles

TOTAL TRIP MILES: 371.5 miles

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Shame of Walking the Bike

As my cleat hit the ground I had so many thoughts rush through my mind. Is this the right thing? Should I just pull over and rest and then get back on the saddle? How am I going to make it across the continental divide if I can't make it through Connecticut? Will this negate my trip to the traditionalists?

The hills today were many and continued to come one after another after another. I know that this is nothing compared to what is to come but I had to get off my bike and walk the last 50-100 feet up the hill to keep my sanity and my mussels intact. for a brief moment I had all these questions run through my head but then felt as though this is just one way of traveling with the terrain. And as far as the continental divide or even the hills of Pennsylvania. I will take care of those on the day/s that I am riding them.

The cowboy had to walk his horse sometime as so I had to nurture my power source, ME. Although the fact that I had these questions in the first place puts to question, What does it mean to bike tour? Now I believe that this can not be answered in one way and shouldn't be. which is a bit exciting. To bike tour to me is to experience life from another angle, to get from A to B and truly learn why A and B are there in the first place.

Today was hard for me but I am still alive and healthy (I have a bit of stomach pain) and I am going to be getting up tomorrow, attaching my 6 bags to my Long Haul Trucker and peddle to my next stop in NY state because I am determined to see everything in between, one step at a time.

BIKE TRACKS: Some techno song that the car stopped next to me was blaring.

TODAY'S MILES: 87 miles
TODAY'S TIME: 12.5 hrs


Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Day to Be Prepared For


I started my trip!!!!!! The day went very well and the send off was amazing. And so the Adventure begins. One step at a time. The entire day was strait up hill all the time....I'm not lying....vertical! MA 135 is a road to do if you want to work on your climbing skills. I am feeling excited and scared but if I take this one day at a time I will be more prepared to do this. I will go to sleep now.

TODAY'S MILES: 60 miles


Saturday, April 3, 2010

The New Camera Mount

Last minute things are always there but I am feeling pretty good about leaving.  Today was a big day for bike mount testing.  My friend Scott built what I like to call the Lance.  It is a camera mount for the 7d. take a look.  It is a aluminum square rod the is attached to the front rack of my bike.  then there is a tripod head that holds the camera.  It is extremely sturdy and would only be used for short amounts of time on smooth roads but it will add alot of dynamic shots to the documentary.
It was a little scary riding with it but I got used to it pretty quickly.

So I set off on my adventure tomorrow at 10:30am EST.  Expect to hear from me on twitter and facebook.  and then when ever I get wireless I will be updating the Journal.  

And stealing from my friend David Lawson,  there will always be MORE TO COME!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Test Ride Down... Leaving Soon!

This last weekend I jumped on my bike and road to Portsmouth New Hampshire. Well I didn't "jump" on my bike but I did ride to New Hampshire. it was 140 miles round trip and It was a great experience. I was able to pack everything I needed into my panniers strap my pelican case onto the front rack and ride off into the freezing 25 degree sunset... I was surprised that I was able to get everything I needed onto my bike but it all worked out pretty well. on my trip back the next day I was called by the Brookline Tab (local newspaper) to get interviewed and on this last Thursday they released this article (HERE) . check it out and let me know what you think. I am very excited to see more people involved and after a day of hanging out with people tomorrow I will be leaving on Sunday for the trip. Thank you all that have been apart of this for the last year and a half and thank you for the new people that I hope to talk to soon.

BIKE TRACKS: The Pixies: Caribou


TOTAL TIME TRAINING: 1 yr 4 months