Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The World Keeps on Turning

Day 3 – 1/26/09

Today my adventures were clouded with death and dead ends.  After taking a day off from biking (not my choice, I didn’t get a chance to step into my apartment all day) I decided that a nice trip to take would be to go to JP licks (the Original).  Some ice cream after biking in the 20 degree weather sounds like a great idea, right? Yes it did! So I got on my bike and hit the roads. The timing was going to be perfect.  I would get to the JP ponds and see the sunset and then I would be able to swing by “Bikes Not Bombs” to get more pricing on the things that I will need to invest in shortly, and then get some ice-cream and be back in time to take a shower and get to rehearsal for “Dark Play or Stories for Boys”.  It was going to be great.  Once I got on to Washington street to get to Brookline village I saw a line of people in black coats and solemn faces standing outside of a large white building which so happened to be a funeral home. The moment I saw those people I knew that this was going to be a theme for the trip.  Every corner I turned, every face that I looked at I was expecting grief and sadness (not the best thing to think about).  I got to the Ponds and boy was it beautiful. The reflection of light off the frozen snow covered pond was strait out of  The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It was so beautiful that I decided to bike around the entire pond before heading further on the adventure.  Although I was completely struck by the beauty of the sunset I was still thinking of a sunset being the END of the day, the END of the Light, The DEATH of the Sun. Pretty morbid I know but since only a couple of minuets before I had seen a building that had a dead body in it…I think it is justified….at least a little bit. After taking my loop around the ponds and passing the same people multiple times, I trekked on.  When I pulled up to “Bikes Not Bombs” I took some photos of the place (which I must say, Not as sketchy as I originally thought, but still up there on the scale) I walked my bike to the door and the lights were off…the freaken store was closed!!!! Well of course it was, it’s the ride of Death.  After wallowing in the wreckage of my plans (yes I am being overly dramatic, but isn’t the wallowing a good word) I thought that my one saving grace would be JP Licks.  I took my three dollars and set out to get some ice cream, because sugar always heals the wounds. I walk in to the store and to my amazement I could not afford a freaking kiddy cup of ice cream!! It cost $3.14 for a scoop of Ice cream (COME ON, CAN I GET A BREAK!!!!) so I did what any good consumer would do…I bought a double chocolate muffin and ate the crap out of that (drowning my sorrow of no ice cream with chocolate).  The Chocolate Muffin was satisfying and I jumped back on my bike and started riding back home.  Riding along the ponds, through Brookline village, past the funeral home (which still had a line of people at its door) and back to my apartment, on this last stretch of my adventure I started to think about how cyclical things are.  Life than Death, Day than night, Open than Closed,  my tires are spinning in circles, my trips start and finish at my home, and this made me feel good. Good to know that things seem to come around.  Life just keeps on going and I just keep hope that there will be ice cream along the way.

Pictures will be coming soon.






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