Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Biking Rocks

So I am definitely an advocate for biking. I will by no means yell at anybody for driving a car. I understand the importance of a car and well Lara has a car and I drive it quite often. So call me a fake but I still love bikes for several reasons. The exorcise I get when I ride compared to going to a gym is a million times better because I workout AND get places I need to get. Also the exciting sites that I get to see when I am on my bike is different from when I drive or walk. But best of all is something that I just discovered today. If you bike to Build a Green Bakery on 223 first ave in NYC you will get 25% off your purchases. The cookies are amazing and the place is entirely made out of recycled material (including the wall paint). This thought that since I am one to bike that I deserve a discount on goods is an interesting thought. what if bikers were to get a bigger tax cut if they road to work (all ready might be happening) or if I bike to a restaurant I would get a bit of a discount. This is an amazing Idea.

Bike Track: David Lawson's Floundering about in an Age of Terror


  1. It used to be that in order to stay at an American Youth Hostel affiliated hostel you had get there under your own power. These days you are allowed to drive to many AYH hostels, but I believe there is still a discount to those who hike or ride.

  2. I know that joining the Hosteling International gives you discounts on staying at Hostels. Although when I was traveling in Europe I found my self staying in a small hotel with my friends and it being much cheaper and more convenient than the Hostels. So if I am traveling with someone I am more apt to look for a Hotel then a Hostel.