Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't be Clouded by the "Cartoon Physics" of this Oil Spill

Everyone seems to have a solution for the BP oil spill. Starting in Alabama traveling through Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, I have heard people from all different backgrounds say that they know the solution to "plugging the hole". The "solutions" usually are some form of explosion usually dynamite of which allows for "mother nature" to take care of the rest.

Every time I hear somebody say this I think and ask them "If it is that easy, why hasn't it been done?" And I continue to ask that. Are there so many complications with plugging a hole 5,000 feet under the water or is there a big conspiracy with BP and the Government that they just plan on trying everything but the simplest thing using "cartoon physics"?

I don't have the answer for that but what I have observed is that when I was in Louisiana 4 weeks ago the people seem to have a hopelessness towards the spill. A sense as if this was another disaster that is happening and they will just deal with it and figure out how to rebuild their lives again.

I traveled to Venice, LA and talk to Allen, a commercial fisherman. He lives and survives off of the marsh in Venice. He lives in a 1 room home with a 8 ft dock, both of which he has hand built himself after Katrina. I asked him what he would be able to do if the oil got to the marsh and started destroying the roots that hold the ground together and killing all the fish and he looked at me, looked at the wooden floor, put his hand on his head leaning against his half built kitchen counter and said "I don't know...I.. really don't know."

Today (6-24-10) I read USA Today and there was an article about how individuals in the Gulf coast were taking action and making large barriers that will stop the oil from hitting the coast. This was very encouraging to me because I knew that the Lousiana people were strong and so within the last 4 weeks the same people that I sensed a hopelessness are hopeful.

This catastrophe deserves a repayment and a much needed look at the way our natural resources are gathered, but right now physical action seems to be the solution. So if you think you have the answer PLEASE do it.

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