Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mind vs. Mood (don't let the voices win)

Day 9 – 2/5/09
Sore throats suck…they just plain do. I woke up and there it was, that great pain in the back of my throat just daring me to swallow so it can inflict its wrath upon my esophagus. After attempting to not move my throat in anyway I got some water and vitamin C and Zinc and all the vitamins that are supposed to kick the crap out of that little twit and I downed them in one gulp. After that was taken care of I looked at the clock and I had a half hour to do a ride…but I’m sick…don’t get on the bike Mark you’ll just get sicker…the excuses just started rolling in, there isn’t enough time, you’ll be late for work, David(my boss and Eureka puzzles and games) will fire you, you’ll lose your job, you’ll loose your apartment, you’ll have to live off the streets and eat gravel for brunch…you know the normal non motivating voices that are in every bodies head (right?). Well I put that all aside and put on my long johns and my four layers of sweatshirts and got on the bike even if it meant I had to eat gravel for brunch. The ride was short, about 20 min. and I am glad I did it just to keep the habit up but man was my mood a downer. Everything seemed to make things worse, the wind, the cars on the road, the people in the cars, everything just made me want to go home and sleep. After the ride I started focusing on better things, on happy thoughts and that made my mood change. One of those happy thoughts was, I received a message on my Facebook wall from my best friend Cody Fitch saying and I quote, “My ass and my legs hate you for inspiring me to get on a bike again.” This made me overjoyed!! Me inspiring Cody to start riding a bike…me. I later found out that he has set a goal to ride to his work (which is across town) by the end of the summer. He hasn’t touched a bike in 9 years and he is starting to peddle again. I am so excited for him and I know that in the future we will be doing some bike trips together. GO, CODY, GO! As the vitamins started kicking ass and my joy for Cody filled my body, my day became another beautiful day of excitement and adventure. Ohhh how the mind affects the mood sooo much.

P.S. Saturday i am doing a day trip ride to Stoneham Mass to meet up will Lara Fox and her friend Ashley. It will be a ride though Middlesex Fells Reservation. I'll take photos and update my blog as soon as I can.



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  1. that picture is gorgeous! it looks like the setting/rising of three different suns/moons/planets, like in sci-fi shows. and you sure did bike to stoneham, you crazy amazing athlete guy ;]