Friday, April 9, 2010

Thought and the Basic Needs

I sit now in the northwest of New Jersey on the edge of a motel bed trying to collect my thoughts about the last week and the adventures that I have had. I have biked almost 400 miles in the last week through 4 states, left my phone 45 miles away and had to go back to get it, biked through Manhattan at sunset, and said goodbye to the east coast for the next 3 months. Those are just a few of my adventures. I have thrown myself into the touring abyss and have been floating by, learning day by day what to do and how to survive. I think that the biggest thing that I have learned so far is that paying attention to my body is an extremely important thing.
I am struggling a bit with getting into a regular sleeping pattern but I am starting to eat in a more regulated fashion, Large breakfast, medium lunch, then a big dinner (lots of nuts and granola in between). I feel as though I am relearning how to live. Its scary but fun. figuring out the basics of life and how to get them.

So sitting here I feel a bit foggy about what I need, I feel as though I am still in the learning phase so I have yet to fully organize my thoughts but I plan to continue to listen to my body and learn.

BIKE TRACKS: the Highways of New Jersey

TODAY'S MILES: 60 miles

TOTAL TRIP MILES: 371.5 miles


  1. You're doing great buddy, keep it up!

  2. We're rooting for you, and trying to follow on your blog. Tried Twitter, but having trouble getting current tweets. By the time we master Twitter, everyone will have moved on to something newer.
    Forgot the phone! What a bummer!
    One mile at a time, Sue and Keith

  3. Mark,

    We wish you all the best. My husband and I plan on checking in each week to see your progress. This is definitley an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy the journey!

    Noreen and Mike - Your Portland Bridge, PA fans :)