Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Great Birthday Present

Day 36 – 4/5/09

I don’t know if he meant it to be a birthday present but my friend Jesse Rizuko and myself went for a ride today…ALL DAY… and it was something that I wanted to do and love to do. So Jesse, Thank you very much. We biked starting at the science museum, which is near the start of the Charles River, and then we fallowed it to Weston, then ate some food in Waltham and road back to Boston. In total it was 36.5 miles and we started on our great adventure at 10:30am and was at the doorstep of Eureka Puzzles at 5pm.

The weather could not have been better. Jesse and myself were riding along and the clouds just disappeared and there was nothing between the open road and us. (unlike Monday, were I found the rain where ever I went.) We were able to stay on bike paths the entire time. These paths took us from one beautiful wetland to the next. Every once in awhile we would pop out and find ourselves in a small New England town. It was enjoyable and I think that almost every 10 minutes or so Jesse or I would say “god, Its so nice to be biking” or some variation on that.

I did run into some trouble on the last 3 miles of our trip. After launching myself off of a sidewalk my seat came loose and I had to ride standing up for the rest of the ride. I am about to get a multi tool so when things like that happen I can fix it right there but for me today I just had to work a different part of my legs.

I am still fundraising for the Best Buddies May 30th 100 mile ride. You don’t have to be in Boston to donate. I would appreciate anything you can give. So far we are $200 and counting out of $2750. We have been getting some good support from friends and family and I am about to go talk to some local companies to see if they want to get involved. So if you would like to donate please click on the link in the upper right of my blog or click HERE.

Thank you so very much.


TOTAL TIME TRAINING: 55 hrs 10 min

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